Jay Askari

Dr. Jay Askari is the former president of Advanced Projects International, a business consulting firm specializing in Middle Eastern oil exports. Clients of note have included Norinco, a Chinese shipping company; Gulf Group, a Cypress-based trading company; Asia Pacific Resources, a petroleum export financing concern based in Singapore; and oil exporters Atlantic Oil Holdings (UK) and OIEC (Persia).

Dr. Askari has previously served as President and Dean of Kaplan College where he was the 2005 recipient of the President Club Award and 1998 recipient of the Volunteers of America Leadership Award and as a Professor and Academic Manager at the University of Phoenix where he was recognized eight times as the Faculty of the Month and received the 2002 Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award. He has also served as Academic Dean of Everest College and holds a lifetime Community College Credential from the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges.

Dr. Askari earned a bachelor of science (BS) in mathematics, a master of science (MS) in industrial technology and management, a master of science in electrical engineering (MSEE). and a doctorate in business administration (DBA).

Dr. Askari has been serving on the boards of directors of Northern Tier, a developer of alternative energy systems; Virtual Sports Training, Inc., a manufacturer of sports training equipment and software; Paradise Terra, Inc., an Internet-based trading platform for premium vacation properties; AtmoWater, Inc., a developer of potable water production technologies and other companies such as Static corporation, Game Runner production, Codee corporation and Cybervision Technology.