Founder’s Statement

Founders’ Statement

Chatwin Sperry Inc. was the brainchild of the founders to create a platform as a medical incubator for inventors to have a protective home to develop and nurture their creative ideas and concepts into a reality of usable, viable and profitable medical devices for the public in need of such innovative break through.

Founders, Mr. Darrell Harrelson, James “Rick” Turner and Dale Wolfenbarger formed their team and begun operations seeking products, filing patents, then finally combining medical professionals and management structure to bring Chawtin Sperry Inc. to fruition.



Darrell Harrelson

Darrell Harrelson began his working career at the age of fifteen. After applying for jobs all over the City of Ontario, California, he finally got his first real job as a cook, dishwasher, window washer, janitor and everything else that came along with it at the local Dairy Queen. Later at the age of twenty, he was offered by his employer the opportunity to buy into the company where he spent nearly twenty-five years in all.

In 1987, he married his wife Carla, and they moved from Ontario to Hesperia, California. They have three children, Carleen, Sarah, and Mark, and three grandchildren, Matthew, Michael and Shane. In 1988, he and Carla started a non-denominational church in Hesperia, where they are the Senior Pastors and Founders.

Currently Darrell is the President and CEO of three corporations and sits on the board of directors of two other ministries. After being introduced to Dale Wolfenbarger and his product line of ideas, and investing in them, he was later asked to be a partner and the President and Chief Executive Officer of Olive Tree Industries Inc. He also coaches baseball at the local high school as time permits.

Darrell has a great love for people and sees the great need for God’s people to prosper and live a life of victory in these times we’re living in. He believes beyond a shadow of any doubt that it is God’s will for His people to prosper and flourish in every area of life. He also believes that Olive Tree Industries Inc. is a company that has great worldwide potential in the very near future, and where people with “Witty Inventions” can come and get the help they need.


James Turner


James “Rick” Turner’s business background began in the late 1970’s with the food industry of Southern California. First as a food broker and then as a direct sales representative in the Malibu–Beverly Hills territory with a national food company.

In 1980 at age 25, he joined Cabco Inc. as Director of Marketing. They were the international export arm for the Ralph’s Grocery Company in the nation of Japan. Eventually, Cabco became a non- foods marketing company throughout Asia.

In 1986-88, he joined Lasertec Toy Company as Vice President in charge of International and Corporate Sales. While at Lasertec, James sold a promotion to the Coca-Cola Bottler of Los Angeles, a mail order/supermarket chain stores program for a 1930’s Toy Coca-Cola Delivery truck and Coca-Cola floor stack display. The program was eventually developed for Coca-Cola Bottlers expanding to the entire 11 western states.

In 1988, he became an associate of Ms. Jacqueline Stallone (Mother of Movie Star Sylvester Stallone) representing her business enterprises both in Japan and in the U.S. They were involved in everything from designer jackets to original art from the Hansen Gallery in Beverly Hills.

In 1999-08, James partnered with Mr. Alan Curtis, attorney and former toy company partner in his Venture Capital and Marketing firm based in Newport Beach, California.

During this period, James created  the James Turner Art Collection. Brokering modern art limited edition art sold via the internet and galleries.

In 2012, James partnered with Mr. Darrell Harrelson in forming the Brianhead Investment Group, Inc. Actively seeking business investment opportunities.

Currently the CEO for RBI, an internet based sports company dedicated to baseball related products. James is also partner for Chatwin Sperry Medical Inc. and as a partner of Olive Tree Industries Inc. A consulting firm for a wide range of companies and individuals developing their ideas and inventions, for both the domestic and international market.



Guin Wolfenbarger

Guin “Dale” Wolfenbarger and his wife, Rosemary, are residents of Apple Valley, California. They have four children, Jennifer, Lewis, Josephine, and Nicole. Dale and his wife are both Phlebotomists. They participate in their community through various activities.

Throughout his adult life Dale has held several different employment positions ranging from furniture manufacturing, truck driving, and owning and operating his own pet store. He has spent nearly forty years in the medical field and the last twenty two years as a Phlebotomist.

Like most creators of new product ideas or improvements to existing products, Dale conceived the idea that Olive Tree Industries Inc. is currently developing and patenting as a result of personal creativity, professional experience, ingenuity, and a recognized need for such a product.

Dale originally conceived this idea during the month of July in 2005 and first disclosed this information to investors in August 2005. This is his first attempt to produce and patent his invention. He believes this invention will become a reality as it could offer phlebotomists and other medical staff an innovative and effective device that would make the process of drawing blood easier, faster, more hygienic, and safer.

Presently, Dale is also working on many other products that will prove to be a tremendous benefit to people all around the world, as well as a partner and Vice President of Product Development for Olive Tree Industries Inc., the name of which he believes was inspired by the Lord; a company that is helping many different investors and people with their creative ideas and inventions, which has worldwide potential.